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I’m a digital designer and animator, with 4+ years of experience

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Animation demo reel

A short video showcasing some of my animation work

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Infographic Startup Now

An animated infographic displaying various stats about an event

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'Working around the clock' gif

A gif designed for social media showing a man working day and night

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4 types of entrepeneurs

Visual depicting various types of entrepeneurs: hybrid, easy-going, pragmatic, ambitious

Belasting aangifte

Short animation for social media: tax reminder

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SVG header: writing

Small size vector animation ideal for web

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SVG header: download document

Small size vector animation ideal for web

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Spar met een eikel

Visual of a entrepeneur getting ready to spar with an 'eikel' (acorn). * dutch wordplay: 'eikel' is a term used to describe an annoying and difficult person

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Revenue model

Visual about growing your business using a business revenue model

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Visual of someone happy to complete a checklist

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Spending time on your business

Visual of a person taking the time to organise the administrative side of their business


Short social media animation about an online platform for starting business-owners

De wet DBA

A short explainer video meant for social media about a n

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Super secret fact

An illustration of colleagues for a team building exercise

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A mixed media illustration of a girl with a mouthcap

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A mixed media illustration of a guy with a hat and trenchcoat

The making of 'Sugarskull'

A clip showing the drawing process of the Sugarskull illustration.

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Illustration of a girl with sugarskull make-up